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A Reliable Content Marketer Who Helps Finance and Legal Firms To Build Online Footprint

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Tech Lawyer with previous experience in Content Marketing in SaaS Products

Hello Visitors! I am Yashpal.​

And Here’s how I can help your business,

👉 Contract review and drafting, Deal Mediation and Negotiation.

👉 Dispute resolution through Mediation and Arbitration. (I am a trained mediator.)

👉 Technology laws Compliance as per jurisdiction across the world. Drafting and reviewing the Privacy policy and cookie policy.

👉 Legal advice on Blockchain technology, DeFi, ICO, Asset Tokenization, Web3, AI. Regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions

👉 I have been a copywriter and marketer for the last three years. So, I can provide my input on the same to increase revenue.

👉 Apart from reading law books, I am also a perpetual tech learner. (The development and content writing of this website is carried out by yours truly😊 )

My Mission and Goals

I am on a mission to grow myself with currently growing Tech laws, Web3, Blockchain, and AI regulations and help the relevant industries align with legal compliances and ethical practices.

Yashpalsinh Boradhara

Areas​ of Expertise

Technology Laws

3 years experience of building an online ​​brand and get organic traffic on your website with SEO and quality content.

Software IPR

I write copy for landing pages, emails, and social media ​​to boost sales

Contract Drafting/ Review

Thorough research of keywords, competitors, ​​and target market to craft compelling content

Blockchain Technology Regulations

Creating User-persona is the first step to identifying the pain points and desires of your audience

Asset Tokenization

Hands on experience of drafting commercial, and IPR agreements

Web3/DeFi/ AI Policies and Regulatory Compliances

Area of interest includes Contract law, Competition Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Security Law

​Dispute Resolution

I am a Certified Mediator/ Conciliator and completed 40 hours training ​​program from AIIMAS, New Delhi

Content Marketing

I have been a content market for 3 years.

Professional And Experienced Legal Content Marketer

So, Here’s My Track Record

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Excellent Track Record​

Worked as a freelancer

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Unparalleled Customer Service​

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