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A Tech Lawyer Who Helps You Deal with Data Privacy, Web3 Regulations, IP Laws, Tokenomics, AI Ethics

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Tech Lawyer with previous experience in Content Marketing in SaaS Products

Hello Visitors! I am Yashpal.​

And Here’s how I can help your business,

👉 Contract review and drafting, Deal Mediation and Negotiation.

👉 Dispute resolution through Mediation and Arbitration. (I am a trained mediator.)

👉 Technology laws Compliance as per jurisdiction across the world. Drafting and reviewing the Privacy policy and cookie policy.

👉 Legal advice on Blockchain technology, DeFi, ICO, Asset Tokenization, Web3, AI. Regulatory compliance in different jurisdictions

👉 I have been a copywriter and marketer for the last three years. So, I can provide my input on the same to increase revenue.

👉 Apart from reading law books, I am also a perpetual tech learner. (The development and content writing of this website is carried out by yours truly😊 )

My Mission and Goals

I am on a mission to grow myself with currently growing Tech laws, Web3, Blockchain, and AI regulations and help the relevant industries align with legal compliances and ethical practices.

Yashpalsinh Boradhara

Areas​ of Expertise

Technology Laws

Legal advice on different data privacy laws compliance. Drafting and reviewing Privacy policy, Cookies policy, Terms of use, and Data processing agreements,

Software IPR

Drafting and reviewing various licensing and assignment agreements in different Intellectual Properties like Software, Programming, and Trademarks.

Contract Drafting/ Review

Contract drafting and review to ensure legal compliance and protect your interests in all business activities.

Blockchain Technology Regulations

Bridging the gap between the fast-paced, innovative world of blockchain technology and legal regulations.

Asset Tokenization

Serving as a bridge between traditional financial systems and emerging asset tokenization. I help businesses sail through the legal complexities of asset tokenization.

Web3/DeFi/ AI Policies and Regulatory Compliances

Helping Web3 entrepreneurs comply with legal compliance and providing legal support to develop digital assets marketplaces for trading of tokens and fundraising.

​Deal Mediation/ Dispute Resolution

Certified Mediator/ Conciliator and completed 40 hours training ​​program from AIIMAS, New Delhi. I help mediate/ negotiate deals in contracts and minimize the chances of future disputes and litigations.

Content Marketing

Worked as a content marketer for 3 years. I can write tech blogs with in-depth knowledge of SEO and Social Media Marketing. It helps businesses build a strong online brand.

Experienced Legal Professional

So, Here’s My Track Record

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Excellent Track Record​

Previously worked as a finance planner at HDFC AMC and Later on as a Freelancing Content writer/marketer.

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Transparent Work​

Conduct weekly meetings to ensure We are working on the same page

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Unparalleled Service​

Additional guidance on Content strategy, Budgeting, ROI, and brand-building inputs, along with legal service.


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